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Favorite Louis Vocals // Midnight Memories (each song)

1. Best Song Ever: bridge 2. Story of my Life: verse 3. Diana: verse 4. Midnight Memories: verse 5. You and I: verse 6.Don’t Forget Where You Belong: bridge 7. Strong: verse 8. Happily: verse 9. Right Now: verse 10. Though the Dark: verse 11. Something Great: ending 12. Better than Words: verse 13. Why Don’t We Go There: bridge 14. Does He Know?: bridge 15. Alive: bridge 16. Half a Heart: verse

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Daft Punk - Lose Yourself to Dance (Official Version) - YouTube

I love this song its amazing. Just listen!😘

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how the fuck…..

i reblogged this while watching it


It’s never occurred to me that you can win Snake

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#favouritesongever #live #itunesfestivalversion #youngthegiant #coughsyrup

#favouritesongever #live #itunesfestivalversion #youngthegiant #coughsyrup

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